Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hellooo every ^_^ So it's been forever since I have posted an update about my love life! So I thought I would go ahead and post a short update now!

So last thing I posted was on my wedding!!! Which come December 3rd of this year will be two years ago!!! Holy cow I cant believe I have been married for almost 2 years!! That's just crazy to me. Anyways the past two years have been AMAZING! I never thought i could grow to love my husband anymore than I already did, but boy was I wrong =) Everyday I grow to love and Cherish him more and more. Hes my everything and my best friend. We do everything together and I cant imagine life without him...... Here's a recent picture of the two of us chilling at his parents house.

We are still living in our apartment as of now and should be for at least one more year. Then hopefully Lord willing next summer we want to begin the hunt for our first HOUSE =)!!!! YAY!!! lol As you my be able to tell I'm SO READY for that haha. I am currently working as a pre-school teacher in a christian school which I love, and the hubby is still working for the local police department as a CSO.

No babies as of yet! lol Just the dog Titan. But we hope to have kids in our future once we find a house and REALLY settle in. Well I guess that pretty much sums up this post! I hope you guys are all doing great ! Stay blessed and I'll see you guys in my next post!