Friday, November 30, 2012

Broadway Impress Nails!

Hey everyone! I'm back to talk to you guys about a new(ish) product I received in my Influenster VoxBox. The product is by the company called Broadway Nails. They are stick on nails that come in many different colors and patters to suit your mood!  I received a fun baby pink and black patterned set which I loved. I personally would recommend these nails for anyone with a special event or party coming up. Or even for the holidays!They are super quick and easy to apply and the best part about these nails is theres no waiting around for them to dry!! haha If your like me than that's a BIG thumbs up. I hate waiting around for my nails to dry , I'm always smudging them as soon as I paint them! These retail at around $5.99-$7.99 depending on where you buy them.  Note these nails arnt ment to last more than a week , I have found that mine last about 4 days depending on how much water I have been around. Which is why I recommend them for a special event or party! Over all I love these and think they are a fun way to quickly add a little fun to your nails. So have any of you ever tried these before? What do you think about them? =)

Friday, November 23, 2012

November Influenster VoxBox!

Hey everyone! I haven't writing a blog post in a while*shame on me* lol But things have been pretty crazy for me lately. But no more excuses! I'm here to talk to you guys about a really awesome and fun site. Its called Influenster and I first learned about this site from the beauty community on YouTube! After watching a few girls posting videos about this, I decided I needed to check it out for myself =) Influenster is a site that you go onto and create an account (its completely free) and you do surveys and reviews on different topics (which earn your account points) the more points you have the better chance you have to be chosen to receive a VoxBox! Sounds easy right?!? haha Its a ton of fun and you can review tons of beauty /fashion and other products. I received my fist box this month (November) and I was super excited to receive it ! If your interested in checking this out here is the link :

I also did a YT video on my box which you should go check out too!!

Hope you all are doing well! Until next time, Happy Holidays!