My Holy Gails

Hey everyone this page is going to be ALL about my cosmetics Grails and Fails. So if your wondering about certain products be sure to keep checking this page out to see reviews on what I feel about these products =)

Thanks and Enjoy !

Hey everyone so today's Holy Grail Item is going to be my Maybelline Anti Age Eraser concealer!

I'm Just ABSOLUTELY amazed by this product. I recently purchased it at my local Wal-mart and I'm so glad that I did. I had seen some gurus on YouTube mention it but I never really that much about it. About a year ago I came across Hard Candy's Glamoflage and since then I haven't felt the need to test out another concealer. So my purchase of the maybelline concealer was defiantly a spur the moment Anyways back to the product, Its got great build able coverage and the formula is very blend able which is awesome! I'm not sure how many shades it comes in , when I bought mine the shelves were being re-stocked... So I just got lucky that they had my shade.  I believe I paid around 5-6 dollars so It's fairly affordable. The one thing I love most about this product is it does NOT crease under my eyes ( thank you Jesus) lol  I HATE it when your out and about then happen to see your makeup under your eyes has become all creased and crazy looking lol  So the fact that this does not crease under my eyes is AWESOME!  

 So Would I recommend this product ..... ABSOLUTELY ! So in the words of Eleventh Gorgeous GO GET YOU SOME! =)