My Cinderella Story ♥

Hey everyone Its me Ashley =)

Hope you all have had a wonderful christmas /new years/ valentines day lol I have been gone for a while I know. I just thought I would give you guys an update on my new life as a married women!

Where to start ...hmmm.... Well me and samuel ( my husband ) were married on december 3 2010 at the continental club on the river. It was BEAUTIFUL! everything went according to plan, the weather was perfect and nobody got cold feet! lol

 Ill add pictures below at the end of this post to show you guys! It was deff  the greatest day of my life =) All my girls looked so beautiful and the men where so handsome ... especially the groom ; ) lol  everyone danced and partied all night.

 After the wedding my new hubby and I where on our way to orlando Florida!! It was our first road trip together and our first time driving our new car long distance lol Actually it was our first time driving long distance all together haha. Everything worked out through we found the hotel right away and it was just nice and cozy. We spent the next 3 days exploring the  different  Disney parks which was a BLAST! Neither of us had ever been to all the parks so it was a new experience for the both of us.

We came back home that tuesday and still had 5 more days of vacation that we spent decorating and settling into our  new apartment =) Still to this day we have yet to get everything in place LOL.

Anyways I just thought I should give an update on what happened in december ...
So yes Im a very happy wife and am loving my life !

Hope everyone is doing great!
Leave me some comments below and Love you guys =)