Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awesome New Foundation!!

Me wearing the foudation!

Hey everyone, So today Im going to be sharing a new foundation that I have been loving this month. The product is produced by the well known L'Oreal Paris company. Although L'Oreal has many good makeup products on their line, this one has become by far my favorite! The product is called" Magic Smooth SoufflĂ©" it's a whipped foundation formula to help provide a smooth even coverage. The product has a natural to medium coverage ,but if needed, I believe the consumer could build the product to provide a more fuller coverage. 

As for sensitivity concerns, using myself as an example, this product is fine for people with sensitive skin types. I have very oily skin thats prone to breakouts and find it hard to keep foundations looking flawless on my skin throughout the day. With the "Smooth Souffle" I apply it on in the morning and it lasts me till mid-afternoon, without touch ups. Another great thing about this foundation is it's fragrance free.

So, my own personal take on this product? I give it  five out of five stars. This product works great for me and helps my skin to look great throughout my day! Again this is just my own personal opinion, Im not being paid to advertise this product.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Be sure to  keep a look out for more great reviews coming your way! =)

^The product is one =)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New hair color , How I did it myself at home =)

 So a few weeks ago I began haveing thoughts about changing my hair color. At the time I had  three different colors in my hair . Your probably  thinking whoa! before you freak out It was just streaked through my hair , not just blunt Anyways the bottom had dark brownish/dark blondish highlights. The middle had sandy blonde and redish/brownish highlights. Then the top was extreme blonde highlights all over. I thought it all blended very well and I really loved it. However after a while when the "Growing Out" process began i just wasn't feeling So Instead of going out and spending over a hundred dollars to dye it one color again I thought of attempting to change it myself.

  Let me tell you I was SO nervous at just the thought of doing this to my hair , just because I had heard so many bad stories of girls dyeing their hair and it coming out horribly wrong. lol So I decided to go online and check out some reviews of hair coloring products other  people had used. Mainly just to set my mind at ease... haha. Little to my surprise ,that just made it worse! I came across so many reviews saying NOT to dye your hair at home. After a few days went by and I was still whining about changing my hair my loving husband talked me into the "At home" dyeing idea again. I went to my local target and spent like 2 hours reading and browsing different brands. I ended up going with L'oeal Healthy Look (I think thats the name) I'll put pictures down below. I choose the color "Darkest Brown Expresso" . The process  is really quick and easy. The smell was really not bad at all like I thought it would be. It says to leave in for 10 minutes but seeing as how my hair was REALLY blonde on top and stuff I left it on for 15 (which is was they recommend for if you have gray hairs) so that was ok to do lol.

 My results??? I LOVED it , it came out so pretty and evenly colored throughout my whole head. The color is really dark and beautiful. the product also gives the color a nice shiny look which is nice. I would deff recommend using this product if your wanting to try hair coloring at home. I have no complaints about this product. Plus you save a ton of money doing it yourself at home. I think my box dye was on sale when I got it so I paid $6.00 VS the $120.00 I would have paid going to my hair dresser.

 Now I know this isn't for everyone, and if your really unsure about doing this at home or if you have REALLY dried out and damaged hair I would say go to a hair dresser to do it. My hair really wasn't in bad condition so I gave it a try ( oh and my hair is still not badly damaged, actually its smoother now then it was before) Not healthier  because once your hair is damaged youreally cant fix it , you can however prevent it from getting worse by going dark vs blonde.

 Anywho Im just babbling lol... i hope this helps someone out there who is thinking about doing this and is curious about how it turns Oh and just as a disclaimer I am not a professional I have never been to beauty school ( I want to though =).) But I just tried this on my own on a whim.

Hope you all have a great day leave comments below if you have any more questions and Ill talk to you guys later =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Falses Mascara

Hey everyone! Just have a new Holy Grail for you guys. Most of you have probably already tried this product out for yourselves seeing as how it has been out for a while now, But recently I was out shopping for some new mascara and I came across the Falses and decided to give it a try.

Now when Falses first came out originally I was dyeing to purchase them, So I went to my local Ulta and was at the check out when the cashier behind the counter suggested that I didn't but looked at her kinda lost and was like why? lol She explained to me that alot of people did not like this product and returned it. SOO I listened to her and went with a different mascara.

Anyways back to what I was saying, I was out the other day looking to buy a new mascara when I came across the Falses again. Remembering all the great reviews I had recently heard about this product on youtube =) I gave it a shot! I LOVE this product! This mascara goes on so smooth and to me the product does not seem clumpy at all. I know some people had mentioned they felt it tended to apply a bit clumpy. They make my lashes long and full! The first time I used it my husband saw my eyes and said WHAO your eyes look beautiful! lol I thought to myself yep this mascara is a keeper lol

So in my opinion I would DEFF recommend this product to any of you guys who are like me *A late bloomer* on trying this product lol I have nothing bad to say about it. =) So leave me some comments below if you have tried this product and let me know what you think about it, did you like it or hate it? lol

Ohhh I forgot to mention , I purchased the water poof one in Very Black ( by mistake lol)and just as an FYI its a tad bit hard to get off at night. So if you do but the water poof be sure you have a good eye make-up remover.

Alright guys have a great evening!