Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twilight Romance...

So yeah I'm a closet twilight fan =) thanks to my little sister. She encourage me to begin reading these books since they hit the stores but with me NOT being a big "Reader" never made the effort to pick one up. At least that's the way it was up until The New Moon Movie came out and I FELL IN LOVE with this story. I cant believe I have waited this long to engage in this book/movie . Since then I have read Twilight as well as New Moon and currently working on Eclipse. These books are so amazing ,I have NEVER been into reading ...EVER lol I was so entertained by the writing in twilight that I finished the book in the matter of two days! For me that's amazing. But anyways, My amazing fiance Samuel =) ( Love that man) took me to see Eclipse in theater the other day and I was so excited. We sat at the top on the back row and as we were watching the previews I was so ready for the movie to begin I was swinging my legs back and fourth in my seat and Sam lead over to me and was like "Babe ... your making the whole row rock" lol I looked at him and was like sorry I'm just SO excited.... He just shook his head and laughed . So that was my lovely experience with Eclipse!

This is such an amazing story though you guys I advise anyone who hasn't read or seen the movies to GO and see/read them now! Even if you don't like to read or what not try it, If you love action and romance you will LOVE Twilight =) But anyways this post is all over the place and random but I just felt like showing twilight so love <3

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