Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So yeah I have the GREATEST Man Ever!

So I woke up this morning at 6:25 am to find a text message awaiting me on my phone. It read "Dreamed about you last night, and I was looking at some old pictures of you... You have always been so beautiful darling" =) Is that not the sweetest thing to wake up and hear the man of your dreams telling you ..... And if that's not enough , On my lunch break at work today I received yet another text, this one saying "I cant wait to see you tonight , I have a surprise for you" and I was like what??? lol Well come to find out my baby went to our local Ulta store and bought me the 2.0 oz bottle of NYC !!!!! I have been DYING to get this product , It smells SOOOO good. At first I didn't know whether I should kill him or kiss him. I was so happy and shocked he just out of the blue bought me this amazing (to me anyways) gift , But I also hate it when he spends money on me lol I don't know why , I just do ha. But anyways He made my day , and I love him!

But If you have never smelled this perfume I advise you to go to your local Ulta or Kohl's and try it out it absolutely AMAZING!

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