Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make Up Fun!

Fun Make Up Look <3

Hey everyone! This post is going to be about a makeup look that I created using all drug store products! Its a more dramatic look , not really anything you would want to where out everyday , But you could turn it into a look wearable for everyday use. Simply just skip a few steps =)

I will list all the products at the end of this post just so you know what I used in case you would like to go try them out !

Here it the look completed, as you can see its a very dramatic yet soft look. The part that you should skip if you want to wear this look for everyday use would be the intense glitter on the left cheek! (unless you use this for a Halloween look Princess ,fairy, or whatever)

For the eyes I went with a very dramatic smokey eye with using more softer colors ( pink,gray,black and white)

This is want the look looked like before adding the eyeliner and mascara.

So what you need to do first (after you apply your foundation) is to prime your eyelids with any primer you like, it dose'nt matter what kind. Here I just used my milk eye pencil by NYX. I know that's not a primer but I did'nt happen to have any with me. So this works..lol Next take a small eyeliner brush (the are the ones that have a slant to them) and kinda make a line that slants upward towards the end of your eye brows. This just gives you a line to follow as you begin to create the smokey eye look with your black eye shadow. After you get the black smudged in add some of the gray on top of it to lighten the black shade just a bit. The next thing your gonna wanna do is add the pink shade right in the middle of your eye lid. Your gonna want to pack alot of color on to make the look pop. Once you get the right shade your going for begin to add some white into the corner of the eye and right under the brow for a nice highlight.

For eye liner I just used a black gel liner on the top line. This allowed me to make a nice thin fine line. On the bottom I used a charcoal gray liner and smudge it to make it seem more blended. For mascara I use Lash Stiletto in Black.

As for the lips I use Maybellines Rose Glimmer (710) lipstick. With some of the Maybelline eye shadow quad used on the eyes. For the glitter on the eyes and cheek I use Hard Candy's Show Girl loose glitter. Which you can purchase at Wal-Mart.

This look was a TON of fun to create and I hope you guys like it. Leave me comments below if you like it or have any questions <3 them =")"> My Model's Name Is Kristy! =) Thanks girly!

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