Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awesome New Foundation!!

Me wearing the foudation!

Hey everyone, So today Im going to be sharing a new foundation that I have been loving this month. The product is produced by the well known L'Oreal Paris company. Although L'Oreal has many good makeup products on their line, this one has become by far my favorite! The product is called" Magic Smooth SoufflĂ©" it's a whipped foundation formula to help provide a smooth even coverage. The product has a natural to medium coverage ,but if needed, I believe the consumer could build the product to provide a more fuller coverage. 

As for sensitivity concerns, using myself as an example, this product is fine for people with sensitive skin types. I have very oily skin thats prone to breakouts and find it hard to keep foundations looking flawless on my skin throughout the day. With the "Smooth Souffle" I apply it on in the morning and it lasts me till mid-afternoon, without touch ups. Another great thing about this foundation is it's fragrance free.

So, my own personal take on this product? I give it  five out of five stars. This product works great for me and helps my skin to look great throughout my day! Again this is just my own personal opinion, Im not being paid to advertise this product.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Be sure to  keep a look out for more great reviews coming your way! =)

^The product is one =)


  1. Is this a bit like the Dream Matte Mousse? I really liked that and didn't use anything else for a long time! Also how much did it cost? XX

  2. HI Shona =) Yes it is similar... Although I enjoy the L'oreal better!I just feel like it goes on so much smoother... I bought it at my local target for 12.99... But I have heard that its cheaper at Wal-mart. Whether it is cheaper there or not Im not sure..... I hope this helps you out in some way! =) have a great day!

    Ohhh and thanks for following my blog!

    Oh and I have a full review on my youtube channel if you wanna check that out as well I talk about it a bit more =) Ashlayschannel is my channels name !