Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy Gail Number One

Hey everyone SO Im here with you today to talk about a new love of mine! And its Revlons "Just Bitten" lipstain. The past few months I kept seeing it advertised on tv and I thought it looked just beautiful, But since Im not one for just believing everything I see on tv ( most of which is ALL edited and made to look AMAZING) lol I was hestiant to buy it. Well about a month ago I was out doing some shopping and saw it on a display. So I started looking at it and I decided to give it a shot. Well it has been a month since I bought it and you guys I havent stoppd useing it since!! I cant remeber the last time I wore lipstick and I wear lipstick everyday! Im just in love with the color as well as how long this stuff last on your lips its amazing. I dont have to worry about reapplying it because it last all day long. Its awesome and I LOVE the lipbalm at the end of it as well. I got it in the color Passion and its a REALLY pinky color which I thouht I would hate at first but I love the way it makes my Greean eyes POP! I could just ramble on and on about this product. So If you havent tried lipstain before but you have been thinking about it I suggest this product! Its runs about 8 dollars at target and like I said I have been useing it everyday for a month and its still going strong, So you get alot of product for your money =) which is always a plus. (Picture Below)

(Color Of "Passion")

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